Differential Repair

Differential inside housing

An Introduction to the Differential

The differential transfers power to your wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds. This difference between rotation speed is necessary whenever you turn, because the wheels on the outside of the turn have more distance to cover than the wheels on the inside of the turn. 

Enclosed in a protective casing, the differential is engineered to provide years of dependable use.

But chances are you're here because something's wrong with your differential. That, or you need a maintenance service performed so you don't need a repair.

Differential Maintenance, Repair & Rebuild Services

Whether it's time for maintenance or you find yourself in need a differential repair or replacement service, you've come to the right place. Eighty-Ninety Gear & Off-Road specializes in differential service for Acworth, GA, Woodstock, GA, Kennesaw, GA, and surrounding areas.

Rebuilt Differential

Do I Have a Differential Problem?

Modern vehicles are complex with hundreds of gears and complex systems working together to keep you moving. Sometimes problems overlap, leaving you scratching your head at the real cause. Here are a few indications that you have a problem with the differential:

  • Whiring noise when decelerating or accelerating over 15mph
  • Rumbling noise at speeds greater than 15mph
  • Hearing bangs when taking a corner
  • Experiencing a bumpy, shaky ride
  • Seeing a differential leak

Bring your vehicle in for an inspection of the differential.

Yukon Differntial

What's the Lifespan of a Differential?

Your average, factory differential can last for the life of your vehicle with proper maintenance assuming normal driving conditions.

Off-road motorists are often familiar with the differential, because it's easier to damage this part when venturing on rough terrain. If you take your Jeep or truck off-road often, anticipate needing a differential repaired or replaced one or more times.

Aftermarket brands like Yukon Gear & Axle provide high quality parts built to exceed your expectations. If you're interested in differentials for off-road and racing applications, contact Eighty-Ninety Gear & Off-Road.

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