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Transmission Swap in Acworth, GA

Transmission Swaps & Repair Services

Are you:

  • Considering a transmission conversion to upgrade your off-road Jeep or truck? 
  • Experiencing transmission clutch problems like slipping or excessive noise?
  • Seeing red transmission fluid leaking from your vehicle?

Contact Eighty-Ninety Gear & Off-Road for manual and automatic transmission services. Whether it's swapping your current transmission to a new one or repairing a problem costing you safe performance, you can get everything you need done at one stop serving Acworth, GA, Woodstock, GA, Kennesaw, GA, and surrounding areas.

There's no need to give up your vehicle if you hate the factory transmission. Consult owner Will of Eighty-Ninety Gear & Off-Road to learn more about your opportunities for replacement.

Before you swap your transmission, it's important to consider how your replacement will play with the rest of your drivetrain. Understanding gear ratio is one aspect that'll ensure greater satisfaction with your choice. If you have any gearing questions, ask away.

I Have a Clutch Problem

Often, clutch problems are a minor repair service. In less frequent cases, you may need to replace the entire clutch assembly. Factory clutches wear out over time from use. Each time you engage and disengage the clutch, you create friction that removes material from the clutch disc. If you've gotten 50,000 miles or more out of your clutch, then it's safe to say you've received good service from it.

Clutch Repair in Acworth, GA

How Do I Avoid Clutch Damage?

Some clutches don't last for their intended lifespans. You can avoid premature clutch wear by recognizing and stopping these bad habits:

  • Riding the clutch: Some motorists have a tendency to rest a foot on the clutch pedal while driving. This is a bad habit that can cause your clutch to slip, leading to excess heat and premature wear. 
  • Popping or Dumping the clutch: If you're going to engage the clutch, don't speed up first. Known as "dumping" or "popping," this practice causes heat to build up fast while placing unnecessary stress on your clutch and entire drivetrain.
  • Overloading the clutch: It's not advised to start in high gear before your engine is ready, nor to suddenly change gears at high speeds

If you have any questions about clutch care or transmission repairs and swaps, call (864) 905-0319 today.

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